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Automotive and Vehicle Locksmith in Truckee, California


Stuck in the Rain or Snow?

We all know the feeling of having heavy rain or snowfall after a long day on the lake or the slopes and realize that our car keys are locked in the car, sitting on the front seat. Our friendly and reliable locksmiths are on-call so that if you ever get locked out of your car, we can be there quick to open your vehicle and help you get out of the rain and back home.

Can’t Find Your Keys?

Leaving for work in the morning only to get out to your car and realize you don’t have your keys and you can’t find them anywhere?
Car Lock — Key Service in Truckee, CA
Ready to relax after a day of skiing and reach into your pocket to find your keys missing, lost in the snow?
Don’t panic. Whether lost on the slopes or lost somewhere in your home, you can count on our locksmiths to help you get where you need to go. We are available to replace your traditional and transponder car keys so that you can get into your car fast.

Reach Your Destination

Whether you need replacement keys, you just need to get into your car to get your keys or you need the locks on your car replaced, our reliable locksmiths are available to meet your needs so that you can reach your destination.
Call us today to get the locksmith service you need to get back into your car.